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I've created this community to promote, discuss and support getting fit, staying healthy, dealing with stress, weight loss, and healthy eating. This community is for adults and grown ups - if you're over 30, tired of hearing tiny girls whine about weighing over 100 lbs, don't want to obsess but do want to be healthy, this is the place for you.

Rules are few and easy to remember: Treat others as you would want to be treated. Support each person's efforts, becuase we are all doing what we can at this time. You can talk about food issues, but promotion of eating disorders will not be tolerated. Similarly, recommendations and reviews are encouraged - overt selling is not. Fad dieting, crash dieting etc. are not encouraged - this is about health, which is more than what your ass looks like in the mirror (though that's important too, it's not worth risking your health). Let's swap ideas, support each other, trade recipes, review products, as well as vent, bitch, whine, moan, and secure our resolve.

I'm a really lazy moderator, but I will step in and stop anything I feel is abusive or against the rules - I will also encourage and celebrate with you.

About me, the creator and moderator of this community: I became really tired of weight loss communties promoting unsafe behaviour, of discussing weight loss with tiny children, of hearing about fads, purges, all-one-food diets, and hiding your doughnuts from your mother. My goals are to get healthy, in all areas - I have a very stressful job, I love to eat, and would like to lose around 30 lbs so that my professional wardrobe will fit again. I've read everything there is to read (as a librarian, research comes first) on these subjects, but I'm not enough of a know it all yet to make it work in my life. So here we are...