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Get fit with grown ups.

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July 28th, 2006


How do you all get through weekends? My weekends are so unstructured that my eating habits are horrible - all day Saturday and Sunday, it's grazing and snacking instead of real food...

I shall try to have three meals this weekend - they may be scheduled weirdly, but I'll try.

I'm sad that melons and strawberries have become expensive again. I can do cheap and nutritions winter food,or cheap and nutritions summer food - but the in betweens kill my budget.

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Confession time - the very day I decide to focus on my health "for real this time", I break down and have doughnuts for dinner. Yes, doughnuts. And then a bowl of sour cream and onion chips an hour later.

This is why I must NEVER again go to the grocery store while hungry. I bought cookies and chips and doughnuts ("for my husband" - lame excuse)...

But I also bought fruit and yogurt and vegetables and healthy sandwich stuff and salads... so it's not all bad. I expect that I'll finish the chips, one little bowl at a time, and then try not to buy any more.

Let's blame this one on my PMS, shall we? And vow never to shop on an empty stomach again.

As it's a heat wave right now, and my house is as a brick oven, I don't want to even think about working out at home... I should like to force myself to go to the gym tonight after work - but as this is one of those nights when I'll get home later than usual, and want to see my husband off to work, I probably won't, so if I don't, then I have to suck it up and get some exercise at home. That'll show me.

*Is it weird that I am so pushy and adversarial with myself? It's all that works until I get back into the habit of exercise. Becuase really, I hate the stuff.*
Article today on the BBC website


My pledge

I think the first part of adjusting my diet is to acknowledge what it is that I actually eat!

So from now on, whenever possible (won't promise daily cos I won't manage that) I'm going to post here what I've eaten over the day. It will be a sort of confessional. I won't want to tell you the bad stuff so hopefully I won't eat it in the first place.

Thoughts and comments welcomed but I'd rather they were positive than negative - I need support here guys - and I won't need telling what the bad stuff is!

So... Yesterday I ate:

2 slices wholemeal bread (no butter) and marmalade.
1 coffee with skimmed milk

another coffee later on with 2 mixed fruit oaty biscuits

2 slices ham
3 cherry tomatoes
2 Dr Karg roasted onion crackers
stewed rhubarb and ginger

2 mints - one being a mint toffee the other an Everton mint

1 can Scrumpy Jack
2 peanut butter kitkats
(see? husband was teaching for 2 hours so I stuffed face. Why do I do this?)

homemade hamburger
well the beefburger wasn't home made, that was one of Sainsbury's lovely Scotch beef ones, only 7% fat
on a white roll with ketchup, Dijon mustard, sliced red onion, tomato, watercress

strawberries and raspberries with strawberry and raspberry smoothie on top and a dollopp of Carte d'or yoghurt and honey ice cream - it's not frozen yog, just ice cream made with yog and a bit lower in fat (so husband tells me).

exercise: walked to shop (about 5 minutes) and back. Too bloody hot to do anything else. Oh - sex in the morning but I didn't do much more than wriggle!

July 27th, 2006


like victriviaqueen, i'm closer to 40 than 30. in fact, i'm closer enough to 40 that some time just within the last 12mos i've hit the tipping point in my metabolism: "suddenly" my clothes don't quite fit the way they used to. i haven't gained enough in the way of poundage to explain it away, so i know it's almost entirely a fat vs. muscle thing. that's not good, for two reasons: i have a family history (not immediate family, but close enough) of diabetes, and also of strokes. i clearly need to exercise more than i do now (especially since i recently started working from home full time), and to eat healthier in general. i don't want to gain any more fat or weight, and i certainly do not want to contract diabetes. getting fit would go a long way towards both ends. oh but losing some of this new volume back to muscle would be icing on the (proverbial!) cake, lemme tell ya. ;)

shared support in regards to diverse health goals sounds to me like a wonderful thing, so here i am. :)
But I love to cook - choosing ingredients, experimenting with flavour, these are fun things to me. We have a low cholesterol/low fat fridge and pantry (my partner has high cholesterol), we eat lots of whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables.

I am about 20 lbs heavier than I would like to be, but 20 lbs lighter than I was at the beginning of the year. However, I've been in a holding pattern for the past few months, I haven't been exercising so I stopped losing weight. I need to jump back on that bandwagon.

Good health, everyone!


I'm actually not overweight anymore, at least as far as my BMI goes -- I am on the right side of the magic number 25 more often than not. But I'm also not nearly as aerobically fit as I would like to be, and I carry what extra weight I have all around my middle, which I guess "they" say is the unhealthiest place to keep it.

My most recent life-change for health purposes has been a eliminating added sugar except for special occasions. Since I used to be a three-ice-cream-a-week kind of person, this has been a big step for me! I've been doing it for about a month, and it's going much better than I thought it would -- I often go seven or eight days without sweets or foods with added sugar. I think my record is ten days without sweets, which I probably hadn't done since... ever. I haven't lost any weight because of this, though, and I'm worried about how I will keep it up in winter when my fruit supply drops off. Also, I haven't cut back on refined flours as much as I should even though I know they're just about as bad as sugars. And I've maybe been over-relying on the raisins.

I'd like to exercise more, but I am totally self-conscious about my lack of aerobic fitness! I feel so dumb-looking when I am panting away jogging outside, and I'm a little bit afraid of gyms. I've tried exercise tapes, but the smallness of my apartment and the fact that people live downstairs is a little limiting there. I walk to work every day, at a reasonable pace, but that's the extent of my cardio, and I haven't increased the amount or intensity in a year.

So I basically just feel a little bit stalled out, here. I'm not in terrible shape, but I want to be in better shape, and I want to eat healthier foods.
Hi. I'm 45 and overweight. I wasn't always that way. Most of my life I was within what I would consider normal for my height. (I'm kinda short.) The last ten years or so, I've been gaining weight like there's no tomorrow. It's not entirely because of bad eating and no-exercise, though I won't deny that's part of it. My downfall came because of two things. First was going on anti-depressants. Pharmacy companies always claim that this anti-depressant won't cause weight but that's a load of crap. However, going off the drugs isn't an option. I got off them once for over a year. I was fine for a while, then went crashing down hard. So rather than spend time under my desk in a fetal position crying for no reason, I'll continue on the meds.

The other problem was that I had thrombophlebitis. For over a year, I was having great trouble walking. Instense sharp pain. I had been walking five blocks to work every morning. Suddenly, I wasn't and was using handicap parking. It drastically cut down on my exercise. My weight spiralled up.

Of course, I'm at fault too. I love to eat. I love to drink. When I was young, I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight. As I got older my metabolislm changed but my eating habits did not. I was an idiot. My lifestyle and career have become rather sedentary. Now, I really want to loose the weight. Partly to look better and feel better about myself. Mostly to be healthier. Diabetes and heart disease runs in my family. So does weight problems. I look at my older relatives and think "I do not want to go there". I'm also just tired of feeling tired.

What I've been doing so far: cutting back on fats and salt. Making my own lunches (healthier and cheaper) using the bento box approach. Cutting back on drinking. Avoiding fried anything. My temptations are cheese and potato chips. Cheese, I'm going to cut back on. Chips, I need to avoid altogether - too much salt, fat and temptation.

I know I'll never be the size I was when I was in my 20's. But I sure would like to go down several dress sizes. I got a closet full of clothes I like but can't fit into.

Why I am here

I am thirtysomething (though now I am closer to 40 than 30) and I have been overweight (by many standards "obese") for as long as I can remember, but thankfully have never struggled with an eating disorder. I do eat when I am bored or stressed or not paying attention. My goal is not a specific weight as much as it is a wish to get back to a size 16 -- what I was wearing the last time I was fit and happy with my body. (Currently I am somewhere in the 18-20 range.) Weight-wise, though, I am looking at about 40 pounds, maybe 50 to get to that size.

A little over a year and a half ago, I lost 25 pounds. I did it mostly through adjusting my diet, following a Diabetic exchanges diet for about 1800 calories. Since then, I have gained most of it back, which sucks, but I started sliding back into my snacking habits and never really got off the sofa. So now: back to the regime and up off my tush.

This is me


I'm 42 very soon and fat.
I've been fat for almost as long as I can remember.

If I lost 4 stones (at 14 pounds each) that'd be good. No need to go sylph-like!

After my dad died when I was 9 I can remember doing what I now know was comfort eating. I'd get the biscuit tin and start eating. I didn't want biscuits but I knew that they were addictive and that after a few I'd want more. That's how it all started. I don't think I really ever massively over ate, but it all gradually piled on. I was hopeless at sport as a kid and as I was later diagnosed with MS which I've supposedly had all my life I expcet that this was part of the problem. No balance, no co-ordination. And now the MS gives me massive fatigue so the last thing I want to do is jump up and down.

Every few years I'll go to an exercise class for a while but even if it's working I'll hate it. I hate gyms too. Can't stand the smell of sweaty bodies. Like sitting down at my computer or with a book far too much!

I do binge eat sometimes. When I know that my husband is going to be out I will sometimes go to the shops and load up with crap. But after I've eaten it I feel horrid - I haven't enjoyed it at all. Booze is my big problem - it's not a drink problem as in getting drunk all the time, if ever, more that I just love the stuff and if it's in the house I'll have to have some.

I try to eat organic and realtively healthily, but I am a foody - I love cooking and good food.

So hopefully here I'll find the support and encouragement and understanding I need to attack the water bottle instead of the wine bottle and the fruit bowl instead of the ice cream bowl.

Though I DO NOT eat cottage cheese.
It is the work of the devil.


Welcome to my safe corner of LJ! Please introduce yourself as you join - in any way you wish.

I'm 31, very recently married, and with a family so messed up that I often wish, or pretend, that I'm an orphan. I have a very stressful professional career, two step-cats who sometimes love and sometimes hate me, an incredibly wonderful and supportive husband, new braces on my teeth, and 30 extra pounds. I'm not fit (my mother's ass is creeping up on me, as are my grandmother's upper arms)... I have made some positive changes in the past year, though:

-switched to whole grain everything, whereever possible.
-began reading food labels, and attempting to avoid trans fats and excess badness.
-drinking water and tea instead of coke and cherry soda.
-eating healthier generally - more veggies, less meat, etc.
-I can now force down things like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and raw tomatoes, that I wouldn't touch before.
-now exercise regularly, though not as regularly as I'd like.

The sum of all of this is that i've stopped gaining weight. Now I'd like to lose it. I also need to work on my stress, emotional eating, and physical fitness.

Why isn't there a punk rock areobics class? Why aren't oreos good for you? How come chips can't fix my life.

So that's where I'm at, at this exact moment. I intend to move forward, I'm just not sure how to do so.
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