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Get fit with grown ups.

i keep forgetting this thing is here

i keep forgetting this thing is here

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kuroshii kanji
and my guess is other folks do too, seeing as no-one's posted since last may. so, here's a gentle nudge.
i bought a bicycle last summer. when i was a kid i would bike everywhere, even after i got my driver's license. but then i stopped. not sure why.
well, i've started again. i use it in the city where i live, so that i'm not waiting on the bus at 11p coming home from a friend's house or from dinner out. accidental exercise! and now i'm considering one of those stand-frame things to turn it into an indoor bike for the winter months. my apartment is the size of a postage stamp, though, so i'm not completely sold on the idea.

how's everybody doing?
  • Thanks for the reminder. Much needed after just reading a post from a girl spazzing out because she got some concern over her 500 calories for the day. LOL

    My youngest child started Kindergarten this year so I have had the time to get in the gym without worrying about schedules or child care. My back hurts a lot so I ahve been doing the stationary bike for 30 minutes each morning. I use a random program to make sure I have a "hilly terrain" and I have the resistance set high enough that I really have to work on those big hills!

    I've also been able to better focus on my eating with no kids and their snacks in the house all day! :)
  • I'm working too much, and holding steady at only slightly overweight... so clearly I need to get back on that wagon...

    It's really hard, though - time is something I just haven't got right now.
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