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good bad and ugly....

good bad and ugly....

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The good: I got off the bus at an earlier stop and walked the extra distance this morning (about 15 minutes-worth); at coffee break today, I stared down a Kleinburg Bar and bought a banana instead; lunch was a very lowfat fried rice entree. Yay!

The bad: I've gone back to cream in my coffee instead of milk... I know it's higher fat, etc., but the taste is so much better to me!

The ugly: I haven't been getting in much exercise, partly because I have been driving to work most of the month and partly because both I and my walking buddy have had very busy Septembers. Hopefully next month.... sigh.
  • i don't remember whether milkfat is considered "bad" fat or not. and i'm guessing you're using a smidge less cream than you did milk, so it might not be as worse for you as you think.

    or is it just me that uses less cream vs. some whole vs. whole lotsa skim?
    • or is it just me that uses less cream vs. some whole vs. whole lotsa skim?

      Heh. No, I actually measured the other day and I use about 2 tbsp of cream (roughly two creamers) in my usual mug (about 12 oz size, I think); if I am using milk (whole or 2%) it's close to 1/3 cup. If the only option is skim or 1% milk, I don't bother; I'll just add more sugar. :)
      • understandable. i grew up on skim milk, so i'm used to it. at home i put skim in my coffee 'cuz i'm not about to keep two kinds of milk in the house. but when i'm out and about, i'll use either whole or cream whichever's nearer on the "fixin's bar."

        i don't add sugar to my coffee at all, unless the coffee's reeeeally bad.
  • I wanna walk, really i do... :(
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