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Get fit with grown ups.

better than nothing...

better than nothing...

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Lost half a pound last week.

Why do I lose all will to try on Wednesday afternoon, every week?

How do YOU motivate yourself, day to day? Photos and magazine clippints just don't do it for me.
  • i don't, really. that's my problem.

    but i did just buy a new (cheap!) bicycle. i used to go biking for hours at a time, back when i was a young thing.
  • This weekend, I motivated myself by painting our kitchen, which meant no snacking. Gah.
    • We climbed mount douglas on sunday!

      And I do mean 'climbed', as K-- lost the path and we wound up climbing on hands and knees up to the summit, through brush and scrub and spiderwebs..

      we're going to try it again next weekend, and stay on an actual PATH... i hope.
  • I ask myself - "What do you want?"

    Sometimes I sound like a whiney brat, other times like a mature young woman. But the conversation is what is important - reminding myself of what I want, what I am willing to do, what I am not willing to pay or to put up with, and what I nee dto do to make it all happen.

    "I want to be healthier. I want to be thinner. I want to be stronger."

    "Then you know what to do."

    "But I want that chocolate bar too!"

    "Fine, then you know what you need to do. Eat it, only one, and then eat better the rest of the day."

  • I found a picture of myself from Christmas 2004... 20 lbs heavier than today. It has given me back my motivation to at least work on the fitness part, so that I'll have a better chance of not going back to that point!
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