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Get fit with grown ups.



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I lost 1.5 lbs last week - yay!

And I only TRIED to be healthy and fit four of the seven days. The other three i was lazy or emotionally eating.

But I did get adequate, I think, exercise, and even my bad eating wasn't as bad as my bad eating was a year ago.

Another minor victory - we didn't buy ANY junk food when we bought our weekly groceries. And then I didn't buy ANY junk food when I had to nip out for limes and jalapeno peppers on Saturday. And I made cookies from scratch and had exactly ONE, for quality control - my husband ate the rest. And I made a low-fat cake with no frosting for myself, and so far have not yet pigged out unnecessarily on that.

And I made fat free jello pudding, and my husband liked it. Ordinarily he'd turn his nose up at anything light, but pudding wins all!

My 'drinking lots of water' goal was met, every single day, though my 'eat the lunch you brought to work' goal was not - so this week, I'll keep working on those and try to stay healthy all 7 days.

We may be moving soon, so we're trying to eat what's in the pantry and freezer. Which means that our meals will lean towards the pasta and sauce variety for a while. I'll see what I can do with that, but it won't be as fabulous as I'd like for a while.
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