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Get fit with grown ups.

May 31st, 2007

May 31st, 2007

(no subject)

I would LOVE to resurrect this community, if only because I need a safe place to talk about health and diet and fitness and stress, and everywhere else seems to be populated with anorexic teenagers and weird cleansing diet advocates.

Also, weight watchers was NOT for me, for so many reasons....

So, I will spew my confessions here and if anyone wants to take part, please do!

I posted in my own journal early this week about how disgusted I am with myself lately, being at a whole new level of fatness and unfitness... this week didn't work out so well though - personal stress and work stress just about did me in, and trashed my efforts to do better. With further exertion of will, though, I might just stand a chance.

So - new goals:Collapse )

Oh, and I will be joining my dear friend's weight training community, which is about useful, strength-giving, osteoperosis-fighting, gentle weight training, not the scary androgenous kind: smartgirlsdo

I highly recommend it.
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