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Get fit with grown ups.

September 30th, 2007

and my guess is other folks do too, seeing as no-one's posted since last may. so, here's a gentle nudge.
i bought a bicycle last summer. when i was a kid i would bike everywhere, even after i got my driver's license. but then i stopped. not sure why.
well, i've started again. i use it in the city where i live, so that i'm not waiting on the bus at 11p coming home from a friend's house or from dinner out. accidental exercise! and now i'm considering one of those stand-frame things to turn it into an indoor bike for the winter months. my apartment is the size of a postage stamp, though, so i'm not completely sold on the idea.

how's everybody doing?

May 31st, 2007

(no subject)

I would LOVE to resurrect this community, if only because I need a safe place to talk about health and diet and fitness and stress, and everywhere else seems to be populated with anorexic teenagers and weird cleansing diet advocates.

Also, weight watchers was NOT for me, for so many reasons....

So, I will spew my confessions here and if anyone wants to take part, please do!

I posted in my own journal early this week about how disgusted I am with myself lately, being at a whole new level of fatness and unfitness... this week didn't work out so well though - personal stress and work stress just about did me in, and trashed my efforts to do better. With further exertion of will, though, I might just stand a chance.

So - new goals:Collapse )

Oh, and I will be joining my dear friend's weight training community, which is about useful, strength-giving, osteoperosis-fighting, gentle weight training, not the scary androgenous kind: smartgirlsdo

I highly recommend it.

May 6th, 2007


Oh. Wow. I can't believe it, but after a week away from home, at a retreat where food was plentiful and all-inclusive, but where I did (on reflection) do a lot of walking, I have lost more weight!

Now, since I started tracking, I've lost 17 lbs!!!

April 21st, 2007


Weighing in... and after a little over a week of calorie counting and making a conscious effort to exercise I am down 7 lbs.

::does happy dance:: (Hey, that's exercise, too!)

September 29th, 2006

The good: I got off the bus at an earlier stop and walked the extra distance this morning (about 15 minutes-worth); at coffee break today, I stared down a Kleinburg Bar and bought a banana instead; lunch was a very lowfat fried rice entree. Yay!

The bad: I've gone back to cream in my coffee instead of milk... I know it's higher fat, etc., but the taste is so much better to me!

The ugly: I haven't been getting in much exercise, partly because I have been driving to work most of the month and partly because both I and my walking buddy have had very busy Septembers. Hopefully next month.... sigh.

September 6th, 2006

So I've decided to start Sparkpeople.com again - four successful weeks in and I took a week off, ate nearly nothing whilst holidaying, and got out of the good habits.. so.. here we go.

I like this SO much more than weightwatchers, if you're wondering- 2 weeks of monitoring, without making changes... and then weekly new habits to incorporate (more grains, more veggies, more water, portion control, etc.)... I eat my own food, make my own recipes, don't need to fret about how something is only available in the US or I'm too skinny to start (weight watchers is really designed and pimped to people much larger than me, so I missed all of their learning phases and got dumped right into the radical skinnyminnie parts).

This week has been bad so far - right into the big september work fest, tired, stressed, grumpy, and broke from the 'spend like a sailor' week I just had.

*vows to do better tomorrow, and more importantly, to actually EAT lunch today*

How are all of you doing?

September is a good time to think about our goals - my goals haven't changed, I just have to figure out how to cram them into my super workiness. Ideas?

August 14th, 2006

Lost half a pound last week.

Why do I lose all will to try on Wednesday afternoon, every week?

How do YOU motivate yourself, day to day? Photos and magazine clippints just don't do it for me.

August 9th, 2006

Honest to god this has been the hardest month to try and get back into a decent eating pattern. Birthdays, family visits, meals out, and let's not get into the constant cravings for chocolate and/or buttery popcorn. I cannot think of the last night I was not snacking my face off. Bah. Last night, I bought carrot cake with sickly sweet icing from a grocery store and ate 1/6 of it.

The only plus this month is that I am getting something approaching regular exercise. I am walking quite a bit -- the last two days as I have been driving to work, I even parked waaay across campus to get an extra half hour exercise (15 min each way, brisk walk).

August 6th, 2006


I lost 1.5 lbs last week - yay!

And I only TRIED to be healthy and fit four of the seven days. The other three i was lazy or emotionally eating.

But I did get adequate, I think, exercise, and even my bad eating wasn't as bad as my bad eating was a year ago.

Another minor victory - we didn't buy ANY junk food when we bought our weekly groceries. And then I didn't buy ANY junk food when I had to nip out for limes and jalapeno peppers on Saturday. And I made cookies from scratch and had exactly ONE, for quality control - my husband ate the rest. And I made a low-fat cake with no frosting for myself, and so far have not yet pigged out unnecessarily on that.

And I made fat free jello pudding, and my husband liked it. Ordinarily he'd turn his nose up at anything light, but pudding wins all!

My 'drinking lots of water' goal was met, every single day, though my 'eat the lunch you brought to work' goal was not - so this week, I'll keep working on those and try to stay healthy all 7 days.

We may be moving soon, so we're trying to eat what's in the pantry and freezer. Which means that our meals will lean towards the pasta and sauce variety for a while. I'll see what I can do with that, but it won't be as fabulous as I'd like for a while.

August 2nd, 2006


Read more...Collapse )

August 1st, 2006

Yesterday.. pretty good. Didn't eat my lunch veggies, and had an overwhelming craving for cake, hours and hours of it, which I managed to sublimate with a half bowl of sour cream and onion chips. Still, I was below 1500 calories for the day, according to SparkPeople (which has replaced the Weight Watchers website as the source for my daily journalling).

Stage 1 of the sparkpeople program is to pay attention to what you already do -apparently I have two weeks of this before they crack down in stage 2 and expect me to actually modify my behaviour. I have no idea what stages 3 and 4 entail. It's annoying because you can add your own cardio but they expect you to do their weights routine, which is stupid. It's a stupid concept and also, their weights routine is stupid. If I could do pushups on the stability ball, would I be here? no. grrr.

So my huge 3 day craving for cake will not go away - I shall have to make cupcakes tonight, or a low fat bundt, or something... well, I will choose to. Life without cake is not worth living.

Today I needed to get the hell out of the office for lunch, so had brown rice and dal (note: no fries!) and a diet soda ... the wrap I brought will keep, and I am currently munching veggies. Doing public service duty over the lunch hour always brings this out in me.

As soon as I find out what night(s) I'm working next semester, I intend to sign up for (and pay for) a stretching kind of class ... and one of my workout buddies just got back into town, so we plan to set up a weekly walking date - walk 'n' bitch, it's the best kind of walking. She's the non-LJ workout friend who miraculously lost 20 lbs without trying and is now quite thin and lovely, so it's good for me to work out with her -I really have to push myself to keep up. It's annoying, but probably good motivation.

And I had a dream, wherein I was rollerskating like a champion - literally going rings around my evil sister on her in-lines - I woke up really happy, then really dissapointed that I'm not that good yet. So, must get practicing. I want to be a rollerchick, yes I do.

And tomorrow night is class 5 of the self esteem crushing Beginner's Pilates class - with just three participants, I get way too much hands on teacher time. I think I like Pilates, but I can't be sure because this teensy bubbly little person keeps touching me.
Brekky: large bowl of ice cold stewed rhubarb and ginger which needed eating up. fab! coffee

Lunch: yes I know I said I'd pack something before I went but there was this huge panic over an umbrella (yes I know it's over 100 degrees here but I'm English! I have to have a brolly at all times! And yes - it did rain at one point) so had to go to the crap shop near work. Bought brioche rolls and ate 3 before I thought to look at the calorie count. 200 per roll! Shit! And one had jam on it too. Had a yoghurt to cheer myself up.

Late afternoon: bloody hungry and had to work until 8pm. Found a couple of oatcakes and a rather dried-up jar of peanut butter at the back of the tea cupboard.

Supper: large plate of more of yesterday's chicken and veg couscou. nectarine and low-fat ice cream. Most of a glass of wine.

And yesterday evening I did have another glass of wine as expected and 3 squares of chocolate. there were 9 each. Tim ate all his. I ate three yesterday and 6 today.

I am EVIL.

July 31st, 2006


Not too bad today.

Breakfast: morning roll and marmalade. 2 cups tea.

Lunch: coffee and 5 oaty fruity biscuits.

Supper: couscous with chicken, pancetta, onion, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, pine nuts, black olives
2 dinky waffles, low fat ice cream, drizzle of maple syrup
1 glass white wine

There's still wine in the bottle so I might have some more later, you never can tell.

Back to work tomorrow which means more exercise. However, food on work days is bad. I have to leave the house so early there's never time to make lunch beforehand and there's nowhere near work that sells healthy food - it's all greasy spoons. Far too often I end up with just a packet of biscuits which is Not Good. Will try to sort this out and do walking a bit at lunchtimes.
So, today, did walking around the ring (yay!) and was happy to do that in less than half an hour (it's about 1.22 miles apparently). Am now enjoying a sensible sandwich (homemade chicken salad on multigrain bread) and a little salad of tomatoes and cucumbers in a vinagrette dressing. Also water. Go me!

..two steps back.

Breakfast unfortunately was leftover pancakes.

More than once this weekend I found myself eating without thinking about it... there I was, upending the can of Pringles yet again with no idea how I came to be standing in the kitchen. Grr.

(no subject)

Wow - I'm so pleased that this community is taking off!

However, I am a bad, bad role model.

This weekend was full of treats and snacks (my husband, who works in a bakery, brings home treats once in a blue moon, and that was this weekend) - we ate at home, though, except for one starbucks visit (I had a sugar free Jones and no baked goods, go me!).

I treadmilled through one full load of laundry, alternating between 3 and 5 Miles per hour (walking briskly and jogging, basically). NO idea how to calculate that, but I was sweaty and tired afterwards.

I managed to drink 8+ glasses of water each day, which is good. And am now holding steady at 155 (though really, I expect that means I gained, as last week should've been my fat week). Ohwell.

But I realized, that in the "old days" - last year - I'd have eaten the whole bowl of chips or the whole dozen doughnuts. Now I eat a bowl of chips (5 or 6 per bag!) and one or two doughnuts. It's an improvement.

This week: cardio daily, weights 3x (at the actual gym. Which I haven't seen the inside of for about 6 months!), bringing my lunch to work and actually eating it. Those are my goals for this week.

It's all a huge mystery to me - like, how come sometimes when I'm 155lbs, my pants won't go on but sometimes, like today, they will?

July 30th, 2006

Fud diary

Breakfast: morning roll with butter as it was Sunday. coffee

Lunch: bit of goats cheese and an onion cracker with huge salad made up of watercress, toms, celery, spring onions, cucumber, yellow pepper
Strawberries, raspberries, splosh of strawberry and raspberry smoothie, dollop of low fat strawberry ice cream

Bit of the almost-gone evil choccy stuff

half a staropraman

2 bottles becks. Well it was free at a tv studio! Gone to see a comedy programme being recorded - expect they wanted us merry!

Very late... 4 ribs in sauce, very small helping of fries, small tub coleslaw
1 glass red wine

weight training

does anyone on this list weight train? i'm currently fairly satisfied with my size, but i would like to be stronger and i would like to replace some of my body fat with muscle. i try to eat primarily unprocessed foods (though i eat a lot of soy products) and i get plenty of cardio exercise (aerobics, walking, biking, etc.) i'm just starting to weight train, but i have read very conflicting information on how to build strength. i read that after 30 you start to naturally lose muscle mass, unless you do some sort of strength training, which prompted me to buy some dumbells and a circuit training for women book (has 10 workouts detailed). what have your experiences been like? anyone have a routine that works for you?

Fud diary

Fud diaryCollapse )

July 29th, 2006


Breakfast: bran flakes with raisins and skimmed milk. coffee with skimmed milk.

Lunch: bagel with smoked salmon, light philadelphia, lemon and pepper. coffee. hunk of husband's evil chocolate and ginger cake stuff. It'll be gone soon thank goodness and he won't be making any more!

Supper: home-made by me spaghetti putanesca or however it's spelled. couple of glasses of quite pokey red.

No need for pudding at that stage but then we watched 'Highlander' on DVD and I'd not seen it before so needed something afterwards to help the bruises from where I'd been knocking my head against the wall since the first five minutes. Bloody hell that is possibly the worst film I've ever seen in my life. We only watched it for the shots of Skye. McMullets tha noo!

So I had a dollop of low-ish fat ice cream.

No exercise whatsoever.

July 28th, 2006

(no subject)

Hi, all.

I'm recently turned thirty, soon to be married, a vegetarian, and overweight by at least forty pounds.

I'm an avid cook and have managed to modify my habits (as far as i can without sacrificing much in the way of taste)to a point where i'm mostly in a holding pattern with regards to my weight.

I'm bad at regimented dieting, i had my bout with bulimia in my early twenties and while i think i'm wiser in addition to being older, i can't be certain and so things that lead me in points-counting or unvarying diets directions make me nervous. And right now, what i'm interested in, more than better eating habits or measurement-changes (though those would be nice), is a way to convince myself to exercise more.

I've got my little cheap stepper from target, and i try and use it for about fifteen minutes a day, and i certainly feel healthy but no less jiggly. i invariably would rather be reading than exercising which doesn't help. My fiancee is also overweight, but we can't seem to find any sort of exercising other than walking that we can do together, time or temperament-wise, and i don't have any friends with similar schedules and desires.

I guess I'm hoping to eavesdrop on how other people make themselves exercise, when there's laundry to be done, and books to be read, and dinner to make, and cats to cuddle, all of which seem so much more immediately necessary and/or interesting.
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