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Get fit with grown ups.

bah and september is the time for renewal!

bah and september is the time for renewal!

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So I've decided to start Sparkpeople.com again - four successful weeks in and I took a week off, ate nearly nothing whilst holidaying, and got out of the good habits.. so.. here we go.

I like this SO much more than weightwatchers, if you're wondering- 2 weeks of monitoring, without making changes... and then weekly new habits to incorporate (more grains, more veggies, more water, portion control, etc.)... I eat my own food, make my own recipes, don't need to fret about how something is only available in the US or I'm too skinny to start (weight watchers is really designed and pimped to people much larger than me, so I missed all of their learning phases and got dumped right into the radical skinnyminnie parts).

This week has been bad so far - right into the big september work fest, tired, stressed, grumpy, and broke from the 'spend like a sailor' week I just had.

*vows to do better tomorrow, and more importantly, to actually EAT lunch today*

How are all of you doing?

September is a good time to think about our goals - my goals haven't changed, I just have to figure out how to cram them into my super workiness. Ideas?
  • well, i just bought all whole-wheat pasta instead of "normal" with my last grocery run. and i'm getting better about keeping plain yogurt in the house to make my lunchtime smoothies.

    oh, and a month ago i bought a cheapie bicycle. so now i'm biking instead of taking the bus (to friend's house to hang out, to meet other friends for pizza) while the weather is warm. not sure what i'm going to do once it gets too cold, but i'll worry about that later.
    • That's great - all great starts!

      It took my husband a long time to come around to whole wheat pasta, but he doesn't mind it now. He still isn't sold on brown rice, though.
      • well now having tried it (for dinner last night), i can say i definitely prefer regular pasta's taste and texture. so i likely won't substitute it completely in, but i'll at least swap for perhaps half or more of my pasta intake. i can imagine it doing well in lasagna, for example.

        i love brown rice already though. :)
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