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Get fit with grown ups.

Off to A Lousy Start.

Off to A Lousy Start.

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Honest to god this has been the hardest month to try and get back into a decent eating pattern. Birthdays, family visits, meals out, and let's not get into the constant cravings for chocolate and/or buttery popcorn. I cannot think of the last night I was not snacking my face off. Bah. Last night, I bought carrot cake with sickly sweet icing from a grocery store and ate 1/6 of it.

The only plus this month is that I am getting something approaching regular exercise. I am walking quite a bit -- the last two days as I have been driving to work, I even parked waaay across campus to get an extra half hour exercise (15 min each way, brisk walk).
  • That rocks! Yay exercise! It's very good of you to park so far away, especially.

    Oh, tomorrow I'm on the desk until 1 - could you walk at 1, or shall we skip it? I could go at 10.30 instead, or anytime after 1 o'clock...

    I have no excuse to not eat well - bundt cake calls me by name... i think it's okay to make exceptions for special occasions.

    My parents won't eat anything that's not meat, potatoes and gravy, so I have the same issue when they're in town. Also, we're so dysfunctional that they bring on the emotional eating...
    • We can walk at 1:00. That's fine. :)

      Tonight is my Mom's birthday and I had to promise I would "help" her eat the torte she ordered. Bah.
      • So take a bite, enjoy it. Nobody said you had to have half the whole cake.

        Cake is my biggest downfall, so who am I kidding...?

        My parents freak out about food wastage - they harass me until I clean my plate. I must quit falling for that...
        • re: "clean your plate"

          That is exactly how I gained two stone in England. My parents were not to blame; I was. The house mother determined that all children should clean their plates so as a house mistress I had to set a good example. WTF was I thinking????

          • Re: re: "clean your plate"

            Forcefeeding children - it's so wrong.

            I remember endless nights sitting at the kitchen table, not allowed to get up until I'd finished the cold, congealed mass on my plate... I still have nightmares about that.

            I don't mind the "try a bit, and that's all that's for dinner,i'm not making you something else, and i'm not feeding you again in two hours if you don't like this" business, but I have a very sensitive palate, I hate weird textures, and forcing me to eat awful mushy food was just horrible.
            • Re: re: "clean your plate"

              my mom was a big fan of the "no thank you" helping. why bother asking if i want peas, if you're still going to give me a spoonful when i say "no thank you"?!?!?!

              but for the veggies i said yes to, she gave me more than one spoonful. so there was something to that.

              if parents would give smaller first helpings (hard to do when we've all got this horribly bloated idea of how much is a serving) it wouldn't be such a big deal to ask for a clean plate.

              oh, but starting a habit of regular exercise is nothing to sneeze at! go, you! just think, it will increase your metabolism so those half-tortes shared with mom don't do quite so much damage. ;)
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