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ranty mc rantypants.

ranty mc rantypants.

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Yesterday.. pretty good. Didn't eat my lunch veggies, and had an overwhelming craving for cake, hours and hours of it, which I managed to sublimate with a half bowl of sour cream and onion chips. Still, I was below 1500 calories for the day, according to SparkPeople (which has replaced the Weight Watchers website as the source for my daily journalling).

Stage 1 of the sparkpeople program is to pay attention to what you already do -apparently I have two weeks of this before they crack down in stage 2 and expect me to actually modify my behaviour. I have no idea what stages 3 and 4 entail. It's annoying because you can add your own cardio but they expect you to do their weights routine, which is stupid. It's a stupid concept and also, their weights routine is stupid. If I could do pushups on the stability ball, would I be here? no. grrr.

So my huge 3 day craving for cake will not go away - I shall have to make cupcakes tonight, or a low fat bundt, or something... well, I will choose to. Life without cake is not worth living.

Today I needed to get the hell out of the office for lunch, so had brown rice and dal (note: no fries!) and a diet soda ... the wrap I brought will keep, and I am currently munching veggies. Doing public service duty over the lunch hour always brings this out in me.

As soon as I find out what night(s) I'm working next semester, I intend to sign up for (and pay for) a stretching kind of class ... and one of my workout buddies just got back into town, so we plan to set up a weekly walking date - walk 'n' bitch, it's the best kind of walking. She's the non-LJ workout friend who miraculously lost 20 lbs without trying and is now quite thin and lovely, so it's good for me to work out with her -I really have to push myself to keep up. It's annoying, but probably good motivation.

And I had a dream, wherein I was rollerskating like a champion - literally going rings around my evil sister on her in-lines - I woke up really happy, then really dissapointed that I'm not that good yet. So, must get practicing. I want to be a rollerchick, yes I do.

And tomorrow night is class 5 of the self esteem crushing Beginner's Pilates class - with just three participants, I get way too much hands on teacher time. I think I like Pilates, but I can't be sure because this teensy bubbly little person keeps touching me.
  • When I get cravings for cake, I tend toward angel food. That stuff is magic.
    • Yeah, I like angel food .. but it isn't as satisfying as regular chocolate cake... i love everything about cake. The crumb, the flavour, the way it stands up on the plate, towering in triumph, disregarding gravity with it's tasty thick filling and moistening soak... mmm.. cake..
  • i ended up quitting my also-small pilates class, 'cause i couldn't handle the woman chirping at me with her hands all over me. i might have been able to handle the chirping, or the chiding, or the touching, but all three at once made me twitchy-uncomfortable, and by the end of the class, i just wanted to punch someone(her).

    I'm telling myself I'll try and find some sort of class as soon as the summer ends/i'm married (end of Sept). I'm not sure if that's practical, or just an excuse to put it off.
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